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What is the Vision Committee?
The Vision adhoc committee was set up to carry out a feasibility study regarding location, function and future of UK Service Office (UKSO).

Our Mission Statement:
The UKSO Vision ad-hoc subcommittee will help the UK NA fellowship (1) define what the UK Service Office should provide now and, in the future, and (2) make key decisions to ensure a sustainable operation.

Why are we looking to move the UKSO?
The UKSO covers its overheads (80% of UKSO overhead is wages and rent) through that sale of NA Literature. Given the recent literature price increases and the current cost of the Basic Text, this committee was asked to look in to whether we could reduce the UKSO overheads by moving to a cheaper location and if this was viable. This would help keep the cost of our literature down and sustainable.

Literature: Needs to be available at the lowest possible price
UKSO: Needs to have a sustainable business model

What locations have we looking at?
We have looked at:

  • Greater London
  • Birmingham/ Coventry
  • Preston / Wigan
  • Leeds
  • Manchester

Our recommendation
After 18 months of research the Vision committee ‘s recommendation is Moving the UKSO to Preston

  • Satisfies all current and future requirements
  • Rent is 50%-75% cheaper than London
  • Wages are 32% cheaper than London
  • On West Coast mainline (less than 4 hours travel from most locations in the mainland)
  • 1 hour 15 minutes from Manchester Airport
  • Good choice of available property
  • Vibrant and growing local NA community

How can you help?
At the September 2019 UK RSC Meeting, the Vision committee made the recommendation to move the UKSO office to Preston. We ask the RCM’s to take this recommendation back to their respective ASC’s for ratification

We are asking every GSR to help us with the ratification process:

  • We now need to ratify the recommendation with either a YES or NO and are asking the groups to engage however they want (from trusting your RCMs and approving, to reviewing the work in detail)
  • Below are all the materials you need (in a downloadable format) to help your group make an informed decision.
  • Based on all the information we have provided, please can you vote in your group and come back to your ASC with your conscience by the end of December.

Should you have any further questions:
Join us on the Sunday 13th October at 10am for a Q&A session via Zoom

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Email us your questions at [email protected]
We will do our very best to come back to you with answers ASAP.

Deadline for ratification is UK RSC Meeting on the 11th/12th January 2020

The Vision Committee

Vision - FAQ.pdf
UKSO Vision - ACTIONS.pdf
UKSO Vision Presentation.pdf